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Environmental Claims Management
Geoenvironmental Services offers a complete ECM service. This includes control and clean-up, offering a full consultancy and remediation contractor service. We can manage the entire project from the initial site visit and preliminary investigations, through the detailed site investigation & excavation stages, to site remediation and re-instatement.

We provide a chain of custody of all the relevant documentation and monitoring results and will liase with the householder and insurance company/loss adjuster through the process. 

A typical project would consist of the following:

  • Estimate of quantity of release and time frame of oil spill
  • Identification of on-site and any off site impacts including potential receptors both on and off site
  • Treatment technologies explored to remediate the impacted soils
  • Comments from structural engineer regarding removal of impacted  soils beneath footings or foundations (if required)
  • Identification of groundwater flow regimes
  • Details of proposed remediation strategy including estimated volume of contaminated soil to be treated Trial pit and borehole logs
  • Management of excavations/ remediation strategies deployed on site
  • Information on additional works such as engineering works to buildings/foundations (if required)
  • Liaise with house owner insurance company +/or loss adjuster
  • Provide chain of custody of contaminated material removed off-site
  • Laboratory verification analysis results
  • Pictorial Evidence of works carried out






















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