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Geoenvironmental Ltd is now offering on-site surveying as part of the list of services available. We have previously offered topographic surveying but John has recently successfully completed training courses in GNNS and Total Station operation and can now provide the following Services. We use the latest surveying equipment including new generation GPS Rover Equipment and Zippo Geomax Total Station.

Topographic Surveys

Topographic Surveys involve the production of maps and plans which are true to scale. The maps are produced to accurately represent details of both the natural and built environments. Contour lines are present to indicate levels across the site and these can be shown at predetermined intervals as required. Generally topographical and site surveys are used for planning and design for Architectural and Engineering purposes.

Every site is different and each client has specific requirements and needs to be addressed. At Geoenvironmental, we pride ourselves on our ability to consult with our clients and ensure that the information is nothing but accurate in all instances. We use the latest surveying equipment including new generation GPS Rover Equipment.

Setting Out

Geoenvironmental can carry out setting out surveys prior to the commencement of developments. Basically a set-out survey involves transferring a building design onto the land itself so the builders can follow it during construction. During the process, key points are established and markers used to guide the building process and ensure accuracy